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  SAVE UP TO $3,200

Nur Realty is charging Boca Bayou homeowners a reduced 5% commission compared to 6% most other real estate firms are charging in the area. You will save 1% in commission when you list and sell your home through Nur Realty. Your commission savings can easily amount to $3,200.


It is not a Discount Brokerage




But don’t confuse "reduced commissions" with "discount brokerage". They are different. Discount brokerage means that they charge less money and provide less service in the hopes that the seller may not need or want the full menu of services they could provide. Lower commissions means just that. Nur Realty is providing FULL SERVICE for less money without skimping on any of the services you would normally be entitled to (as you can see on the list below). In addition, Nur Realty is paying the cooperating agents their full 3% of the commission (to make sure that all agents in the area still show and sell our listings) and Nur Realty is keeping only 1% of the commission.





Is this silly, to be giving money away? Not really. We just feel that the increased volume of business we do will make it all worthwhile.



For a Limited Time


This limited time offer is for Boca Bayou residents and applies to the first 5 units listed by March 1, 2009. Offer may change without prior notice.


Nur Realty Advantage


We are very knowledgeable with Boca Bayou community. We also have the skill and experience necessary to obtain the highest possible price for your home. We utilize a diverse range of marketing strategies to expose your home to qualified buyers. We will customize your home marketing plan to your needs and we will do the following for you at no additional charge:


  • A listing agreement that can be cancelled at anytime for any reason (Wow!),
  • Reduced 5% commission schedule, savings up to $3,200,
  • Placing your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS),
  • Color brochure of your home,
  • Placing a lock box on your home,
  • Customized seller check list,  
  • Enhanced listing at,
  • Advertising on,
  • Showing instructions telephone line 7 days a week,
  • And more.

If you are ready to sell your home or just have some questions please call us at 561-702-3795 or fill out the form on the right hand side.


Aforementioned commission discount does not apply to properties for rent. This is not intended to solicit currently listed properties.

Nur-Realty, LLC

Reduced Commisssion
(And Full Service)

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